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Warzone May Releases

Here they come

As a first part of new Warzone release schedule, we are announcing pre-orders for May 2017. We start with Cartel's Emancipator and Imperial's Capitol Bully. Release date for new items is 26th of May 2017.

CTL-F800 Emancipator Combat Aircraft

25.58 USD 19.90 GBP 25.00 EUR

This is brand new for Warzone's universe vehicle - a Cartel made flying aeroplane.


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Mk.55 Capitol Bully

38.38 USD 29.90 GBP 37.50 EUR

Long awaited, all-time classic tank comes into battlefield in June. We start with its lighter variant.


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Print and play rules for Emancipator

PDF with additional rules needed for Emancipator Aircraft is available for download for free from our website.


Click to download rules for Emancipator Aircraft


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