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Sneak Peek at Space Crusade development

New game starts to shape up!

Space Crusade is one of our new projects that we are working on, and we are getting closer and closer to release. While there is still plenty of new things to add, game itself is at very advanced stage.

Rules are being ironed out, current stage is technical review. So you can expect more information about game's rules soon.


Meanwhile we are happy to share with you some of our Work in Progress pictures. Those are two levels available for Space Crusade - "The Lost Temple" and "Forgotten City".

Forgotten City


Lost Temple


While you all know well most of the Space Crusade models, we have yet not shared with you "the minions" - the nasty little creatures who are Mamoona's little helpers. Those are known as Lesser Demons and Demonettes.

While minions are core game only, you can always already get minis for game from our online shop as separate add-ons.


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