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Salute 2017 with Prodos Games

We are coming to London with bargain offers and more!

Next week, Excel Hall in London will once again be home of Salute, one of most important miniature tradeshows of the industry. We are happy to announce, that Prodos Games is also attending and we are bringing a lot of goodies with us!

AVP Salute Special Miniature

We decided to celabrate Salute 2017 with special, show-exclusive miniature. Available for free to every 45 GBP and more purchase. Offer is valid from 19/04/2017 to 23/04/2017.

Alien Versus Predator Second Edition

Our stand will be filled with core games of Alien Versus Predator Second edition. Those of you, who are unfamiliar with Second Edition of our flag product, you can read detailed description here We are also bringing all of the available add-ons with us!

AVP Second Edition

59.99 USD 48.99 GBP 56.99 EUR

In the darkness of uncharted space aboard the crippled colony vessel "USCSS Theseus" there is nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, and in space, everyone will hear you scream!

Click to order AVP Second Edition at Prodos Webshop

Alien Versus Predator Second Edition Upgrade Pack

If you already have First Edition of the game, drop by our stand and you can purchase Upgrade Pack. It will upgrade your base game and all of your add-ons to Second Edition ruleset.

AVP Second Edition Upgrade Pack

21.00 USD 15.00 GBP 17.99 EUR

With this Upgrade Kit you can update your First Edition to second one. Pack consists of new A5 manual, updated cards and tokens.

Click to order AVP Upgrade Pack at Prodos Webshop

Alien Versus Predator Unleashed

Excited to play in AVP universe, but in wargaming style? We are taking with us "AvP Unleashed" - this is set of rules that allows you using AVP miniatures in tabletop wargaming way.

AVP Unleashed Rulebook

35.00 USD 25.00 GBP 29.99 EUR

Based on the Wargame Adaptive Ruleset (WAR), AVP:Unleashed is a fast-paced, tactical game that pits the forces of two or more players against each other. From small skirmish fights of a squad or two to large-scale battles, AVP:Unleashed can be played in an endless number of ways.

Click to order AVP Unleashed Rulebook at Prodos Webshop

Where to find us

We are located at stand TD30:


RZ_Talon's picture

Is there anyway for someone over in the US to get that Model! It looks awesome!

GateKeeper's picture

Not sure if this is common or not but I made a pretty substantial order recently, and received one of these models with the order (No T-shirt, but was so happy about the model that I'm not worried about it). Nabbed two "All In Alien" sets to get my xenomorph army to a comparable size to my other armies (Point wise) along with a hand full of other items. The model is every bit as impressive as the image implies. The model has become my single favorite model among my Predator army.

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