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Commented on: AvP Hot Landing Zone
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Very excited about this one! SO many new models. Prisoners are nice, Synth is something I've been wanting for a long time, Tracker looks great, and I'm absolutely giddy at the thought of having some Spitters for my Alien army. Ordered two of the bundle.

Hope to see all of the models, or better yet alternate models, of all of these available for individual sale soon!

Commented on: AvP September Releases
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Really loving some of these unique models you've been releasing recently. Specemen 6 was a nice addition to the game, Rob Yourstand was both comical and fun to play with, Chester could be a lot of fun too depending on how you stat the figure. Here's hoping for a Herk Mondo in our future.

Seriously though, we need some spitters, Lynn and Dutch (Non-kickstarter exclusive versions), and as many of these neat little uniques you're able to make for us. Loving the game and having a blast collecting all the models I want.

PS: Sent in some entries for the contest. It's going to be fun to see what everyone comes up with.

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Received my order for these earlier today, and LOVE them. (Budget is tight at the moment, so I just got one of each of the above so I could get the Specimen 6 model as well.)

The Specimen 6 model in particular impressed me. Not only is it a beautiful model, but it also included a unique card and token for play. The card even was different than the other "Evolved" models (Had to go looking, but on their website here there's special rules for it in the downloads area.)

Love the Unique character for the Alien faction, and while I REALLY hope that a Spitter model is in the near future, I'd love to see additional Unique models for the faction (And all the factions for that matter.) The Abomonation, Grid, Newborn, Raven, or others would make fun and interesting models to field with our armies.

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Looking forward to those. But mostly I just hope they make a Herk Mondo miniature at some point, . . .

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Yeah, I always thought it was a shame that they didn't provide everything you need to field them on your table.

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No rules with any of them (I'd love to see them with unique piece rules) but I use them as proxies. The redcoat for example is frequently fielded as an Elder in our games.

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Its a xenomorph egg with a dragon bursting out of it.

Its a nice little mini, but it doesn't make it on to my table since its not lore friendly.

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Very nice. I've managed to get my hands on all of the limited minis so far through one method or another except the Hamelet pose (Last Predator holding the skull) I'll have to look into getting one of those, it looks awesome! In a perfect world I'll see one thrown in with my latest order. ;)

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The USMC Officer looks really good. Only real complaint for this one it that its unicast and doesn't have head/weapon options. Not sure if I'll be able to justify adding more than one to my collection.

Multipart USMC Marines? Yes please. Cant wait to add a little more visual variety to my army. Just hope they have an extra set of pulserifle arms in the box.

Alien King. Very nice model, and it looks HUGE. Can't wait to add one to my collection!

Very happy to see some new models coming out. My only complaint is the lack of new troop models. Would have been nice to finally have a Spitter models, Colonist models, Predator Hunting Bikes, or other troop type models that are hard to arrange proxies for (Been using Warriors as Spitters (Basecoat green, drybrush black to the ridges have the florescent green look to them inside.), models from other games as Colonists, and I've yet to find an acceptable proxy for the Hunting Bikes.)

Keep up the good work Prodos, loving the models, and can't wait to see our options continue to grow.

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Got the batch I ordered the other day to include a few of the unicasts other than the Warriors. In addition to the two additional bungles of Warriors I picked up, I also got a unicast Predalien and a Rob Yourstand.

I didn't pick up one of the unicast Queens yet, but I plan to pick up a duo of them for use as Praetorians eventually. At a glance, they look a little thicker built and slightly smaller than the current Queen model (If you ignore that massive half doorway they decided to frame her with.)

The Predalien is nice, but I actually like multi piece model quite a bit better. The unicast looks a little like its taking classes to become a ballerina.

My opinion of the Warriors speaks for itself. I liked the first set I got my hands on enough that I ordered up two more lots of them for a total of 15 unicast warriors. And Im pretty sure I'll be ordering up a couple more lots eventually. I was thinking I'd paint two sets of them black, but neon green inside of the head ridges then use them as spitters, if I do the same thing with a couple set of the multi-part figures I should be able to field a couple of large groups of spitters in my game that way.

The Rob Yourstand is every bit as fun as the image implies. I was pleasantly surprised to find a card for the miniature even if there was no token like the rest of the models in the game has. The only real complaint I have is that he looks VERY small on the 40mm base he comes with. All said and done, he's a nice model and I thought it was for a good cause. Very happy that I was able to add that one to my collection.


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